Energy SRS is a UK company set up in 2013, Reg. No. 8629209, for the purposes of developing and commercialising sustainable energy management and storage technologies. The Energy SRS team have a broad range of experience in renewable energy conversion projects and clean technologies. This panel combines the experience of electrical energy conversion from natural resources such as wind, solar, and ocean energy with clean technologies centred around water purification and conservation.
In order to expedite the development of its renewable energy management project, Energy SRS is constantly seeking to expand and broaden the expertise of its core team. The collaboration with Cardiff University and the Seren Project is an example of the dynamic approach that will be applied in the advancement of both the team and the core project. Further collaborative programes are in the pipeline.

To unlock potential opportunities for the commercial management of renewable energy in South Wales, Energy SRS in collaboration with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) research project called SEREN ( at Cardiff University, are investigating suitable borehole technologies relating to energy storage.

Dr. Vasilis Sarhosis of Cardiff University said:
"There is a pressing need for renewable energy management and hence a significant potential for this concept. The output from this collaboration will guide and inform this novel energy storage concept en route to commercial validation and help contribute to the increased grid penetration of renewable energy across Wales."

The key limiting factor to achieving real time grid penetration of renewable power plants is the rate of change of frequency (ROCOF) due to the consequential loss of synchronous inertia. In addition to developing and validating the core technical aspects of the concept, the team will focus on integrated technology that could help support system inertia at high levels of non-synchronous penetration. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive system which, apart from producing zero toxic emissions, would be designed to provide system services with cutting edge frequency control, such as Synchronous Inertial Response (SIR), Fast Frequency Response (FFR). The System Services Interface aspect of the project will be developed in collaboration with the expertise of Rick McGrath who has now joined the team.

Rick McGrath Dip.B.Sc.Eng.C.Eng.Eur.Ing.M.I.E.I.
Expertise: Hybrid Power Systems and Smart Grid Engineer
Area: Grid System Services Interface.